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Scientific publications and presentations


Recent Interviews

"Mutmacher" Buch - Portraits of people in industry taking courageous decisions and encouraging others. 2018 by Süddeutsche Newspaper.

Gender Diversity - The Winning Strategy. Women in the Swiss Business World. 2017 by A.T. Kearney


Navigating the Digital World, Digital Femal Leaders 2017, 4th Annual Summit, Berlin 2017

Horizontal vs vertical extension in healthcare: Innovative business concepts beyond the pill, Global Pharma Marketing Leaders, Annual Summit, Berlin, 2015

Development of a digital medical education platform to increase disease awareness, 6th Digital Pharma Europe, Bayer Pharma, Berlin, 2015

A global perspective on market access - hurdles and opportunities, 3rd Annual Pharma Commercial and SFE, Berlin, 2013

To get the price right - a key element in today's launch preparation, Eyeforpharma, Barcelona, 2013

Scientific background

M. Schneider-Höfferer. (1999), Regulation of E2F1 in Response to DNA Damage (Part I), Cloning and Characterization of Two Novel F-Box Proteins. Dissertation

M.Höfferer, C. Wirbelauer, B. Humar, W. Krek. (1999), Increased Levels of E2F-1 Dependent DNA Binding Activity After UV or Gamma-Irradiation: Evidence for a Role of E2F-1 in the DNA Damage Response Pathway. Nucleic Acid Research 27, p 491-495

H.-P. Gerber, K. Seipel, O. Georgiev, M. Höfferer, M. Hug, S. Rusconi, W. Schaffner. (1994), Transcriptional Activation Modulated by Homopolymeric Glutamine and Proline Stretches. Science 263, p 808-811

M.Höfferer. (1994) Distinct Effects of Homopolymeric Amino-Acid Repeats on the Activity of Natural and Chimeric Transcription Factors. Diploma Work

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