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Dr. Manuela Schneider-Höfferer checking a product
Strategic planning for healthcare marketing consultancy
Dr. Manuela Schneider-Höfferer in the laboratory
Dental Hilfsmittel in der Tasche

Solution oriented from strategic planning to execution

Experience & skills

  • Over 20 years' industry experience in marketing and commercial

  • PhD in biochemistry and master in immunology and molecular biology

  • Translating complex science into winning commercial strategies

  • Organized planner and strong executer

  • Entrepreneurial, decisive and innovative team leadership

Inspired by

  • Strong work relationships

  • Challenging business tasks

  • Transformational processes

  • Pragmatic solutions built on solid analytics

  • Sustainable results

  • People and cultural diversity

Living the vision 

Build reliable, trustful relationships with customers and team up to optimise strategy, business performance and ease patients' lives.

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